FAQ’s: Service

We’re At Your Service



Do you provide services to commercial business and professional offices?

Yes, Samarra will transform commercial business and professional office space from utilitarian to breath taking.

Do you provide services to private residences?

Yes, Samarra will transform your living space into a delightful reflection of your personality.

How far will you travel?

We will travel anywhere in the US. We have worked in several states across the nation.

What can I expect to see from you in the way of paints and other materials?

Paints have gone through quantum improvements in technology in the last few years. Everything we use is water-based, environmentally safe, free of odor. It dries in an hour and cleans up easily. Our paint products have a professional look, a deep translucency, a sheerness that is far superior to oils of yesterday or water-based products now on the market. These paints and faux materials are not available to homeowners or house painters; you can get them only through specially trained faux artists such as Samarra.


In addition, the new paints allow us to introduce a range of aromas that work on the senses as delicately as the colors themselves. This is unique with us. We actually put the aromas right into the paint while mixing. Our clients always remark on the life-enhancing aromas that linger long after we’re gone.


Before working, I always ask people how they would like to feel in the space. I choose colors and aromas that speak to the feeling they want.