FAQ’s: Faux

Your Faux Painters



Do you have references that we can contact?

Yes, we are happy to supply you with references upon request.

How can I view your work?

References are provided upon request. We also have a portfolio featuring our work that we encourage you to view.

How long have you been faux painting?

Julie has been faux painting for 12 years. She has studied with faux artists both here and abroad and attends annual advanced training classes. Whatever she learns, she passes on to her staff.

How many commissions do you complete?

On average, we complete 4-6 per month.

How many people are in your operation?

At present, we have five people working with us. We also use subcontractors as the need arises. We are very careful in choosing staff that we hire, as well as the subcontractors we use for the essentials, such as preparation, base painting, carpentry and sheet rocking.

What qualifications does Samarra have to be faux artists?

Julie is a color specialist who has studied with a variety of faux artists both here and abroad. She attends annual advanced training sessions and passes that knowledge on to her staff.

What sets Samarra apart from other faux companies?

The primary difference with us is our dedication to the art.


Every year I go to advanced training sessions to expand the techniques we offer. In 2004 I worked in Italy and began experimenting with frescoes. It was a time of intense artistic exploration for me. This annual immersion in some aspect of faux design helps me to stay out in front of the marketplace. And I bring all that training back to my staff as well.